Funds Structuring & Administration

SALVUS being composed by professionals specialised in Investment Funds’, offers services on funds set-up, structuring and administration. Our range of services include;

We can help you choose a suitable jurisdiction to establish a new fund or a sub-fund, by considering your needs, tax system and the regulation. We liaise for the prompt preparation of the necessary documentation for the incorporation of the Investment Fund.

We provide guidance for the establishment of new open-ended or closed-ended funds, with limited (AIFLNPs) or unlimited persons (AIFs or RAIFs) in Cyprus. Members of our team may be appointed as the Risk Manager, the Compliance Officer or the Internal Auditor of your investment fund. We assist our clients with the selection and appointment of non-executive directors, external auditors, legal advisor, investment manager, as well as custodian/depositary.

We can further support you in dealing with the regulatory authorities.

Please contact us at to discuss your Fund structure and the needs of your Investment Fund.

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