Risk Management Advisory

SALVUS carries extensive experience in managing risk for Investment Firms and Investment Funds. Beyond having clients, every business is obliged to secure profitability, the absolute criterion. This is inseparably linked with a robust, reliable risk management function.

We support our clients

  • in building and training internal risk management teams,
  • in designing sound policies, and
  • in exercising the necessary procedures.

We help through a thorough risk assessment which identifies the risks and weaknesses related to the Investment Firm or Fund’s activities, processes, and systems.

We have designed and supervised the implementation of third-party Risk Management systems for real-time monitoring of retail and institutional trading books, tailored to the firm’s specifications.

Additionally, we

  • ensure our clients take all required measures in regards to Best Execution and prepare the internal team ahead of an inspection from the regulator,
  • assist in the preparation of the Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP),
  • design effective risk mitigation measures, and
  • exercise relevant stress tests based on tailor-made methodologies and modeled to the specific Investment Firm or Investment Fund.

We have built well-performing risk management teams within well known Investment Firms, which we support and expedite their learning curve through in-house training, in all relevant areas of Dealing Room and Risk Management.

Our experienced risk managers look forward to meeting your team. Please contact us at info@salvusfunds.com to discuss more.

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