In-house EMIR + ASIC, reporting to CME?

Only last week, CME Group announced its plan for closure for most of its regulatory reporting services including NEX Regulatory Reporting and the CME Australian Trade Repository by the 30th of November, 2020. The reasons of this decision are not of so much significance for those affected, and it is understandable to consider 6 months to plan, choose and implement the switch to another Trade Repository as short time to complete a challenging task.

How can we help?

Many of our clients, have over the years worked with us and built in-house solutions for EMIR or ASIC, and have been reporting directly to the Trade Repositories, some of them do so with CME.

Our specialist team can support you in this transition to

  1. answer the question of what to report and ensure Compliance through our Transaction Reporting Advisory Expertise, and
  2. oversee the implementation of the solution through our Project Management Expertise, providing the map of how to report your daily trades.

We will meet with your internal teams, to understand your needs and complications. We will further support your internal compliance and technology team, provide training and knowledge for you to comply with the regulation.

SALVUS has overseen in-house developments for the EMIR and ASIC regulatory reporting directly to Trade Repositories (TR). When EMIR reporting was introduced in 2014 and ASIC reporting in 2015, our team was the first and only team to submit on time directly to trade repositories.

Should you have specific needs, talk to us. Contact us at [email protected]


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