SALVUS break new ground with

We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with, a pioneer in secure and self-variable credentials. has its roots in 2014, and began as an idea by the University of Nicosia (UNIC) after realising that forged credentials and the vulnerability of certification documents called for a solution. The use of blockchain technology, was clearly the best suited to accomplish this. By 2015, UNIC was already experimenting with the deployment of blockchain in the issuance of academic certificates. It was then that took form and share in the objective to introduce this to the world and offer issuance of certificates whose authenticity and immutability was secure and verifiable.

Their journey is one of innovation and commitment. This is aligned to our own public pledge, to #StayAhead, and it give us great pleasure to be one of the first financial services entities to use their offering.

All of SALVUS certificates, are already self-verifiable through our Certificate Validator, as we are committed in keeping you one step ahead and prepared for tomorrow’s challenges, whatever they may be.


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